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Another sleepless night May 11, 2010

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The good thing is to know that even though I am not sleeping tonight because James feels the need to kick me all the time, is that my husband is sound asleep. Which is a wonderful thing to hear. He hasn’t been sleep well at all these last couple weeks.

We got his tentive schedule about a week ago, he goes in and out every week, lovely I know. And also tentive deployment is next year for 6 months, which is going to be super hard on all of us.

We moved into a new house, well sort of new, its new to us :), anyways the first day we moved in the alarm in the house kept going off everytime we opened a window, needless to say I had the guy come out cut it off. So bye bye alarm. I think I’m going to get it turned back on after Daniel goes on deployment but who knows. I have had to call the poor plumber guy out twice in one weekend, appearantly in older homes, the pipes seperate, its odd but oh well. I have been cooking LUNCH almost all the time now, but dinner we sort of share that one. And man, do I do alot of dishes or what. Its crazy. I haven’t really meet any of the neighbors, they just don’t say hi like back at home for some reason but that is no bother I suppose. For all those how have been waiting there will pictures of the house soon on here and facebook.

Well Im 35 weeks today, so about 5 more weeks or so and James will be out into the world. I would say I have been waiting 9 months but I really haven’t considering I didn’t even know until 6 months. But my mom is coming out and I am super excited, because I miss her alot.

I think I should give my dad a call, considering I called about a week ago and no asnwer from him. Hope he is doing alright.

Daniel has to wear his dress whites tomorrow, he looks so hadsome in them, but he never believes me when I tell him that.

Sorry this post has been all over the place, its the first one and just had to write about everything, considering I can’t sleep.


One Response to “Another sleepless night”

  1. Karen Says:

    On the sleepless situation, just wait until James gets here – then Daniel can stay awake also. On the neighbor situation – I agree with Mom, I have learned sometimes you have to be the one to take the initiative, or it won't happen. So, you will have a June baby? That is good, then you and Mom can still keep July to yourselves for the birthday month. It is kind of nice to spread it out every now and then. I am sorry to say I will not be able to come out there this summer because I will be in school. We will try to work out something. I am very impatient – where are the house pictures??? Of course, I am terrible at posting things timely, so I understand. OK, well I guess it is back to studying. Have a good day/afternoon? At least I know it isn't night. hahaha!

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